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Harsh Truths Are Uncovered

Harsh Truths Are Uncovered Lynn Buess

This will be a time of potential breakthrough for all humanity. This is especially true if people release some of the hidden technologies of human healing, genetic engineering, and the space program’s findings.
The numerology of this month places emphasis on freedom from control, which is not to be confused with freedom of superficiality, indulgence, violence, and excess. Rather, this means the freedom to more easily establish connection to inner worlds and higher levels of individual and collective consciousnesses. Psychic barriers are coming down, and plugged portals are becoming available.
Among other things, this year will be one of lies, spies, and alibis becoming revealed. Global and national events will clearly bring these issues into prominence now. Policies and plans of darkness, deception, and demagoguery that have been formulated for years in high places will become further brought out into the light for public scrutiny. Many will not want to believe the extent of the treachery that has been going on behind closed doors.