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ET Contact Is a Real Thing

ET Contact Is a Real Thing Source through Robert Shapiro

This is the time your global governments were informed about years ago that ET contact with Earth humans must happen in order to preserve your human civilization on Earth and that there would be no way to preserve it unless that contact was allowed and welcomed. Not all governments are aware of this. Since some governments are in flux, it’s hard to say exactly, but most are informed.
The video [as shown on ABC News on December 18, 2017] is completely accurate, and what’s shown on the news in that format [radar] is known by the more technical people in the news service as being a real thing. So there’s more. The coming few years would have been fraught with all kinds of frightening possibilities because too many people have too many weapons, and some of them are catastrophic in their application and outcome. Some work has been done by some beings to moderate that impact, but it doesn’t change the schedule.
Your government has chosen to participate actively and say, “Okay this is real.” I don’t think there will be an apology for the treatment of the witnesses of these events, including your air force pilots and other service and commercial pilots. That decision was made in the past, and the current government people speaking for the United States regarding the ABC News report had nothing to do with that decision except being uncomfortable with it, because ET contact is a real thing. There’s no denying it. Now we will allow some of the beings who wish to speak about who they are.