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Establish Healthy Boundaries in Your Relationships

Establish Healthy Boundaries in Your Relationships Margaret Ann Lembo

Do you honor the sacred space of others? The Oxford English Dictionary defines etiquette as “the customary code of polite behaviour in a society or among members of a particular profession or group.” There are rules established in various spaces because not all beings follow recognized protocol or appropriate behavior. Policies are created for the well-being of the space and all who enter there.
Use the amber gemstone to help you align with polite behavior and the ability to maintain healthy boundaries between you and others. Invite Archangel Jophiel to help you with the inner wisdom and grace to honor the space and codes of behavior for good relationships. Wear or carry amber and say this affirmation:
“I have the courage to set boundaries with love and grace. I am protected. Experiences from the past empower me. It is safe to be powerful in loving ways.”