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Emotional Healing Energies Are Available

Emotional Healing Energies Are Available Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Peak emotional transformation experiences are possible throughout March 2018. Whether these will be joyous, smooth, and easy or traumatic, dramatic, and explosive is your choice. The more receptive you are to being in the present moment, the more expansive the opportunities will be that present themselves. The greater the projection in the past or future focusing on what has been or what could be, the more potential there will be for diversion. This is especially true in the areas of expressive communication of emotional wounds from the past or unrealistic projections in the future based on unresolved issues of the heart in all relationships — personal, business, and education in all times, spaces, and dimensions.
This is a time to ask your guides to be shown the complete jewel of truth in matters of the heart. What is revealed might come as a great surprise, evoking deep soul emotions that might be experienced traumatically, truly rocking your world and altering your perceptions of those around you.
The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies seek to reorganize and bring into wholeness all divergent, oppositional energies so that a more transformative, figure 8 flow can be obtained and sustained with an open and clear heart. This affords a deep soul-heart healing of wounds from many lifetimes.