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Connect with Your Noble Truth

Connect with Your Noble Truth Archangel Metatron through Rae Chandran

In the vibration of the Ani, I, Metatron, greet you in this grand year of 2018. This year you have the ability and the potential energy to liberate yourself in almost all areas of your life. You all have worked very hard toward raising the vibrations collectively, and you have shifted the planet to higher dimensions. This shift will accelerate in the year 2018, and it will continue for many years to come. My message to you is very simple.
In the coming years, there will be many messages from beings who talk of doom and gloom, and we ask you not to pay attention to them. When you have an emotional reaction to this, an energy is created that will feed these fearful messages. Stay in your center, and practice conscious deep breathing for two minutes every hour. As you do this, think to yourself, “I am peace, I am joy, and I am truth.”
Many will say that Earth is on a downhill course, and nothing that will happen in the next fifty years can change its intended demise. They will say ascension of the whole planet cannot happen. You have already made the shift, and you have already agreed to collectively ascend. So we ask you to stay in your truth: Know that you are definitely on the path to ascension, and know the planet will also ascend. You have worked very hard to come to this place. Do you think the loving Spirit will snuff your life out now, after going through the major shifts of 1987 and 2012?