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The Christ Miracle Brings Renewal, Retrieval, and Repose

The Christ Miracle Brings Renewal, Retrieval, and Repose The Guidance of the Christ through Kathryn Rawlings & Terry Spears

The Christ miracle is occurring within people around the globe. Every heart of humanity has the Christ flame within it. It is in our soul plan for this flame to ignite the communion with our divinity as we complete our learning and consciously and steadfastly take steps to return to wholeness, to go Home.
Most people are experiencing this ignition of their Christ flame, which blazes and illuminates their inner knowing and sacred wisdom. For some, it is a wonder, and for others, it’s an unknown and unconscious phenomenon. Regardless, this inner ignition fosters fresh ideas of stepping out of archaic behaviors and embracing healthy solutions and blessed completions as we awaken from our dream to recognize our totality, review who we are, and apply our new revelations. With these sparks igniting globally, people of every race, color, and creed are awakening and beginning to consider releasing stale ways of limitation to embrace inclusion and expansion. An internal revolution has begun that will spill into global change.
Even as these sparks ignite and foster healing, the rising dissension around us provides opportunities to act differently and speak our new truth en masse. As this awakening wisdom grows, we will gradually align with new ways of living and loving with generous, compassionate responses because the Christ spark grows and blesses us with stable and supportive love and peace that cannot be taken from us.