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Change Your Stance on Education

Change Your Stance on Education Aurora through Ingrid Auer

Greetings, I am Aurora. Today I have a message for the many people who dedicate their lives to children. Children are born as spiritual beings, and they bring much inner wisdom into this life. Then what happens? In school, they are crammed with intellectually oriented subject matter. However, those energies are not consistent with their soul structures because they are not in harmony with them, and sometimes they are more of a hindrance than a help. Nonetheless, you force your children into these thought and learning patterns.
We are aware that only a few of you can afford to send your children to private or alternative schools although many of you would like to do that. But what needs to happen is to change your stance on education and not continue to associate learning with achievement and success: People who perform earn money. People who perform meet the demands of society. People who perform are given appreciation and respect and are able to gain a certain status. That is what you think, right?
We ascended masters are well aware that you cannot live off idleness because we as well passed through many incarnations on Earth. But what we ask you to do is deliberate on the topic of performance: