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Assess Your Energy Expression

Assess Your Energy Expression Jenine Beecher

Thanks to the efficiency of social media and news outlets, we now have immediate access to information from events in our local community and around the world. Being part of this global society can be trying on the mind, body, and spirit, particularly when we are also trying to make the best of our personal lives. At times like these, it is helpful to assess how we use our energy to ensure we are acting as positive forces within our society.
Emotion Emits Vibration
When we are grounded and have good boundaries, our emotions are manageable. We flow in and out of various situations and conversations and have generally good interactions with others. When caught in a situation that tempts us with anger or frustration, it is important to remember that emotion emits vibration.
Consider the scene of a crowded restaurant. A couple engaged in discussion slowly start to raise their voices. After a time, one stands in argument, smacks his napkin on the table, and walks away. This exchange has not only affected the two in conversation. The energy from the arguing couple’s emotions vibrates from them at 360 degrees, creating a collective emotional experience.