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The Alchemy of Phi Crystals

The Alchemy of Phi Crystals Archangel Metatron through James Tyberonn

Greetings! I am Metatron, lord of light. We once and always greet you, warmly and lovingly, in this eternal moment of now. This moment brings us together in truth, understanding, and wisdom through the matrix of the unified field, combining geometric thought patterns with desire and awareness. All thoughts, all things, and all beings are electromagnetic representations of consciousness, manifestation, and all that ever was or ever will be.
Some things, some thoughts, and some creations travel at rapid speeds — more accelerated frequencies — within the matrix. Others are denser and travel slower, more sluggish, but all the same they seem to arrive in perfect order, aligned with the nature of their creation and creatorship. For the universe, the cosmos is perfection itself, regardless of any dimensional interpretation or perception of it. In a mechanical sense, in quantum tangent, all things in the unified field act precisely and perfectly according to their nature and their architectural integrity. Yet some are created at higher frequencies, at a higher vibratory resonance, than others. The crystalline field is of major importance to the planet as the ascension draws near.