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You Carry New Life-Code Imprints

You Carry New Life-Code Imprints The New Ascended Masters through Maurene Watson

Quantum pioneer masters and emissaries of light, the new stargates to the New Earth spheres of biolight are fully open. Today you must take full responsibility to allow your essence to love you so that the cosmos can provide whatever you require. Today, sovereign hearts release the false synthetic light from the cosmic spheres, and new life code imprints appear that each of you made with your own consciousness. Hence, each of you is like a new rung in the multihelixes created for the metaverse.

The final mission is to hold your quantum core lights open and stable to channel the cosmic heart. The new lightbodies will grow new helixes over the next fifteen generations in the master race. These helixes will form new races, planets, stars, galaxies, and suns. Knowing what you carry allows you to illuminate your core essence light with cosmic-aligned responsibility and in compassionate love to help midwife the master races.

This moment offers the full realization that these new quantum biolight fields are transmitting new matter solutions and potentials throughout your light-matter universes. This is verified as each of you returns to your alpha moment, or the moment you first took inception in this universe. It was the moment of separation, of leaving Home. It was the moment you created your holographic stories. As you return to this moment, you can re-essence, or remember in total awareness, the genesis of control and its false expressions.