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You Already Have What You Want

You Already Have What You Want The One Life through Catherine Weser

Ultimately, you cannot separate yourself into a personality, a soul, or even a self. You are just one. You’re not separate pieces and most certainly not separate from anything. Who you are and your path are inseparable. Any path that you are on is absolutely configuring itself in that very moment for that very instant and for that momentary present experience. It is nothing more and nothing less. The same is true of any notion of self you might have.

You might have an idea of what’s ahead, you might expect certain things to happen, and you might try to control the experience — to make it right or to get to some destination. You might engage some strategies and play all the games, yet there is no way to separate what is you and what is your path. Therefore, there is no predicting what might be next. There is only the moment of noticing right here and right now. The opportunity in that noticing is to experience all the innate presence of that moment as actually the only eternal moment. It’s the glimpse of All That Is existing in a single moment of consciousness.

Get more comfortable with the mystery of life. Get more comfortable with the sense that you can’t control anything. You can make anything happen. However, you can’t use affirmations and intentions to get what you want tomorrow, even though a lot of people believe that. There are no guarantees about anything. You can’t do it right, but you can’t do it wrong, either.