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Wildcards Kryon through Lee Carroll

Note: This channeling has been abridged from its original recorded form for size and efficiency.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Today I want to talk about wildcards. I wish to help explain what or who they’ve been over time, but for this explanation to be understood, accepted, and beautiful to your soul, you’re going to have to do some pretending.

If you were a scientist coming from another planet to observe Human history, you would need to do it without emotion or bias. I can tell the story about wildcards, both for your grandfathers and for you, but there is often emotion and bias involved. Because of this, I could say one thing, and you might hear another. Dear ones, it can’t be that way for you to understand this message.

Warning: What comes next has to be disengaged from what you think you know or from the emotions of who you think you are, what you think has happened, or even from what you feel is historical. Remember, in this pretending scenario, you’re aliens coming from another planet to learn what has happened. You’re pretending so that you will disengage. Pretend history will be told to you about a race you’re not part of. This is so that you will have no attachment to anything as you listen. This is the only way you will understand this lesson today. It is the only way you will begin to understand the beauty of a spiritual system that pushes you when you need to be pushed.