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What Your Inside Can Cause

What Your Inside Can Cause Archangel Haniel through Ingrid Auer

Whenever you open the newspaper, listen to the news, or browse the Internet, you notice how many people are dissatisfied with and rail against politicians or the economic system. Most of them are able to pinpoint exactly what they object to but not what they endorse. Thus, they concentrate their thoughts and energies on the negative instead of the positive. Archangel Haniel has transmitted a message through me, which I gladly share with you.

In everyday life, you humans are not conscious of how powerful your thoughts are. Furthermore, so are your words and your patterns of belief. You must not conceive of yourselves as merely made of flesh and blood but as beings with consciousnesses whose energetic influence is not to be underestimated.

Moreover, powerful energy fields, which some highly sensitive people can sense as aura fields and merkabahs, are stored inside you. This is why I remind you of the following important considerations.