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Validation Comes from the Heart

Validation Comes from the Heart Archangel Metatron through Jill Harrison

So many people wonder why life is of suffering, striving, and struggle. But, beloved ones, it truly does not have to be that way if you are willing to see that the process of life — its journey and how you choose to experience it — is merely a series of opportunities for you to experience personal transformation and to discover the power and greatness that you possess within you.

For some strange reason, instead of becoming creators of your own destinies, many of you have opted to become followers. You wait for someone else to do the work or for someone else to have the answers. You wait to be rescued from what you see as oppression, or you believe you are helpless victims who do not have the power or choice to change the experiences you find yourselves in.

Your life, how it unfolds for you, requires you to develop faith within yourself to do what is possible and to overcome the challenges you face. At this time, humanity is moving toward programming the masses to not experience pain, not feel depressed, and not hear words that hurt their feelings, yet pain can be a great motivator. It can be the push you need to face the truth of a situation, or it can awaken you to your need to change or do something to bring about a different result.