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The Transcendence of Fear

The Transcendence of Fear Higher Self through Carolyn Gervais

Do not fear your life; instead, embrace it by knowing that how you define and see it is what you will believe to be true. Human life is a holographic picture that the human ego mind makes real with the help of the five senses and the perceived experiences that create beliefs from what is mistakenly recognized as real.

Think about it: humanity and Earth at such a place in their evolution that if the human world were to suddenly disappear in some way, there would be nothing to fear. Why? You and your new home would reappear on a higher frequency level of your selves with or without your conscious knowledge. All manifestation takes place because of thought, feeling, and imagery. That is how humankind came about: through the creative energy of whatever you believe created you. You each are a spark of that creative energy, as is all creation. But what does that mean or look like?

All life has a purpose no matter how it manifests. Life is pure, raw, intelligent energy that can and will always create with the free will of thought and love, whether as form or without form. This intelligent energy does not have human qualities; it creates with thought energy and supplies this raw energy for humankind to manifest with thought imagery. All aspects of life and even what a human might see as non-life or even death is still life. There isn’t anything else to be but energy as life.