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Three Planes of Existence

Three Planes of Existence All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

The Nebulas plane is 652 light-years away from your planet Earth. At one time, your species thought the Andromeda plane was housed within its confines. Your scientists know better today; however, many still erroneously consider it to be just an interstellar cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium, and other ionized gases. We tell you it is much, much more. Furthermore, contained within it are planets and suns, and the weight of the masses there is far heavier than those scientists perceive. Now, yes, this plane is fluorescent or luminescent in its appearance to your kind when viewed with the crass instruments you use. The appearance is only due to its makeup and the thousands of what you might consider mini sun particles that are a portion of its design.

This plane is important for your planet because in the future, your species will have many outstations there. For now, you need to know that life exists there, and those lives, or encasements, are functioning on many of the planets. Better still, many of your souls and spirits in human form today have been there in some kind of encasement in previous lifetimes, and many of your spirits or souls will venture there again in another lifetime. Also important for you to know is that because of the ratio of other gases to helium, any encasement there would be considered highly combustible on your planet. However, due to the construction of the planets within and on Nebulas, those encasements are not considered combustible there.

Additionally, stars are forming there constantly in the manner in which we explained earlier. All the complexities concerning the creation of stars are set forth in the gadius universal atomic and subatomic blueprint or plan. Moreover, understand that any planet in and on such is at least 567 kelvin. (Kelvin is a unit to measure temperature. Look it up. This is a good assignment for all of you). Of course, this means that when your species advances to the point to venture and colonize this portion of your universes, an entirely different structure of spacesuits and inner workings will be needed. We will, as we always do, provide your kind with the information necessary to develop such when the time comes. On the planets within Nebulas, the inhabitants have no class struggle. Your species will learn and remember much from them.