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Shifting Frequencies and Global Harmonization

Shifting Frequencies and Global Harmonization Shamael through Jonathan Goldman

It has been several years since our vibrations have graced the pages of this magazine. Due to some extraordinary shifts that are occurring on your planet, we felt a session on the quantum use of sound to positively rearrange the very fiber of reality would be most valuable at this time. We are grateful for this opportunity to share again.

During a deep meditation in the year 2000, Jonathan received guidance that it was time to turn his attention from solely focusing on using sound as a vehicle for healing on a personal level to incorporating it to heal on a more expansive planetary level. While he was given this guidance, we did not tell him precisely how to achieve this. There are some puzzles best left unsolved in order to assist human development.

Shortly after this occurrence, however, and again while in meditation, Jonathan received two other aspects of guidance. The first was the term “global harmonization,” which is a concept meaning the restoration of harmony on your planet similar to the kabbalistic concept from your Western Judeo-Christian tradition of tikkun olam, which is easiest to understand as the repairing of the world. The second guidance he received was the idea that it would be good to have a specific day on which people throughout Earth would send a sacred sound dedicated to the healing of the energetic field of Earth, sometimes known as the Gaia matrix.