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Revel in the Truth of One Being

Revel in the Truth of One Being Teacher through Miriandra Rota

Greetings! I am Teacher, and I am most pleased to be speaking with you in this manner. For this chat, I would like to talk about the prospects of current events and how you are participating with them. More importantly, I would like to speak with you about your role in the evolution of the cause and effect as it prepares itself for a mass awakening. Now, you might be wondering how a mass awakening can occur when there is so much violence, hatred, and the removal of beings’ abilities to decide the cause and effect of their own lives. Yet hear my words.

As many of you are aware, there is a pulsebeat that occurs within each moment and within events that are made manifest upon Earth. The pulsebeat resides in two manners, and one (of which I have spoken many times) is the pulsebeat of taking form and releasing form. That pulsebeat occurs always and has occurred innumerable times while you have read these words! The second pulsebeat of which I speak is that of awakening to sleep, awakening to sleep. Yes, that pulsebeat occurs always. Why? The purpose of physicality is to experience awakening while incarnate — awakening to truth, awakening to the truth of who you really are, and perhaps more so, awakening to the totality of being, which is the letting go of the illusion of separation from the whole.

Now, in the pulsebeat of sleep to awake, sleep to awake, there reside extremes. That is, there are those who awaken to the totality of being and experience an expanded consciousness that delivers to them a type of bliss or freedom from the illusion. Also within that pulsebeat is sleep and its extreme. That is, the belief that one is in control of others, that one is separate from the whole and better than the whole, and that there is only one way to experience truth — your way. Now that might seem to be a blatant attack on certain beliefs, but that is not my intent.