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Rainbows and Unicorns

Rainbows and Unicorns Nancy Robinson

This month we are well immersed in the energies of 2017. This is a good time to take a moment to evaluate where we are with our goals and dreams. The energies of 2017 are presenting wonderful opportunities for allowing, creating, manifesting, and receiving even more, so now is a good time to check that we are enjoying all that is available from these special and unique energies.

At a recent business meeting, I overheard a project manager jokingly say, “What do they expect, rainbows and unicorns?” referring to how he felt about his employer wanting him to magically produce a product for their company well beyond their known resources. It made me think how different this mindset is when compared to working with higher healing and esoteric energies.

When I work with clients using higher energies for healing, that’s exactly what I want them to ask for. I encourage rainbows and unicorns along with magic and miracles, meaning stay open to the extraordinary. I want them to expect beyond what they can imagine because we are working in higher, purer spaces of possibility with the energies of 2017.

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