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Prepare for the Shift of Space in June

Prepare for the Shift of Space in June Patience through Arthur Fanning

We’re here. What we have now enveloping your planet is an energy field that has led to the history of your beings. That energy field now is a memory vortex where the process of your self becomes apparent. The consciousnesses within the individual entities are coming to a place of recognition of being part of a greater consciousness. Yet within this concept of being part of a greater consciousness, there is a struggle for the individuality of the self and the knowledge of who you are.

Right now in your world, your name is the knowledge of you. You know your name. You react to your name and the circumstances that you are involved in with your name — the consciousness concept of sound and the vibratory frequency of no light, we’ll say. You’re beginning to develop into beings who can possess it continually, and you have it always. It’s there as a moment of knowing of the little one of you that came out in the birth canal. The reason that you’re going through these birth processes is that you’re aware of the precepts, the theory of it, the concept of reincarnation. You have the verbiage of it. Right now, you’re going through the feeling process of that verbiage and not just this lifetime.

You’re calling memory forces within you. Everyone’s doing this. This is why there’s so much consternation going on now on your planet. You’re calling memory forces of “why?” and “what’s the purpose?” and “what’s the uniqueness?” and “how do we proceed, because we know better?” You’ve had doctrines, and you’ve had rules given, such as: Treat one another as you wish to be treated, don’t kill, and “this” and “that.” But those lessons haven’t been learned quite appropriately enough.