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Omnidimensional Meanings of Numbers

Omnidimensional Meanings of Numbers Omnidimensional Beings through Kathy Wilson

Alone, numbers have great meaning — much greater than just as tools for counting and much greater than representing amounts of things. Yes, numbers are used in other dimensions but entirely differently from how you use them. Of course, each dimension has its own methodology. Several dimensions use the same methodology, and this allows their beings to connect and communicate with each other. Numbers, you see, cross dimensions more easily than languages, easier even than thought language, or telepathy as you call it.

Numbers are constant, whereas language shifts and changes. For example, look at the ancient texts in your religions, and compare that language to the way your people speak, think, and write today. For that matter, look at how much your language has changed in the past fifty of your years.

Now look at your numbers. They have not changed at all. Perhaps the ways in which you use them has advanced somewhat, but the meaning you assign to each base 10 number remains the same. Base 10 simply means the first ten numbers, from 1 to 10, and each base 10 number is omnidimensional.