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The New Earth Is Beginning

The New Earth Is Beginning Archangel Michael through Cynthia Taylor Scott

This is Archangel Michael. Today marks a day of hosting. Know you define your roles now in 2017. You are the host. For anyone who is on their ascension path, it is to be understood that you are frontrunners in the ascension process. Be this. Be open. Be able to clear your karma. Clear the messages that are not for you. Cleanse and clear your magical aura. Be able to put your best spiritual self forward, for in this time of flux, you will be called on by many to increase the vibration around you.

The time is now to see that you are part of this great energy shift. We have called to your souls to readjust and realign yourselves. Know in an effort to administer your desires to your higher self that you come to imagine anything is possible. Yes, you are here to serve. But remember, dear ones, you must first be able to honor your own souls to achieve great peace within. As within, so without.

Take Time to Process Our Downloads to Your DNA

Give to yourselves, and then maybe give to others another day. There are days that are for you to “chill,” as you say. Step out of the rat race and readjust your sails. It’s time for you to see that although you connect to a powerful source, you must also redo your workdays to administer the downloads that have been given to you. We bring to you the intel, and it is up to you to drink lots of water to be able to accept the information into your DNA.