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Mother Mary’s Shawl of Light

Mother Mary’s Shawl of Light The Radiance of the Divine Feminine through Jayne Chilkes

The Lady Masters wish to make themselves known in a new way to balance female and male energies on the planet and within. It is time you more fully honored your Divine Feminine and female sacredness with the Lady Masters. Sacred information embraces your divine feminine strength, courage, and wisdom alongside all the female masters of the universes.

Look out to the horizons and to the light that is now moving toward you and you toward it. It is a vast, vast realm of love. As you enter this realm of love, you know it belongs to dear Mother Mary, a divine mother. As you bathe in this love and this warmth, she walks toward you and wraps you up. She steps toward you, and you feel her presence and hear her words.

“Beloved children, I welcome you all. I rock you at night, and I help you feel Divine Mother entering your heart to help you feel more secure, more balanced, and more open to receive. I also wish to share a new gift that I feel is important for some of you, and it is to wrap yourself in a shawl of light. I give you this shawl of light especially for your dream time and sleep time. As I wrap this shawl about you like a babe, you will feel extra protection. Especially at night, wrap yourself three times.