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Medical Intuitive: Eradicate Fear to Release Pain

Medical Intuitive: Eradicate Fear to Release Pain Stacey Mayo

I feel as if I were born scared. I have anxiety about being alone and about going anywhere. I stopped driving and have a lack of passion, excitement, and ambition. On a physical level, I have cataracts; pain and swelling in my right leg, hip, and foot; and pain and pressure in my left upper jaw and eye, along with many other symptoms. I have been working on healing these all my life, and I am now in my sixties. Please help!

— Melanie

From Stacey: You took in your mom’s fears when you were in the womb. Your mom was abused while you were in the womb, and you absorbed her fears. These deep fears are causing you many problems on all levels. Healing these is an important step in your recovery.