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Live a Strong and Peaceful Life

Live a Strong and Peaceful Life Family of Spruce through Douglas Davis

We have experienced the joy of living here on Earth for a long time, and we could not be happier. We are so pleased to experience this life, to feel the power here, and to welcome the happy people who come to the mountains and lakes and forests to relax. They are happy because they are away from their lives of stress. They let loose here and feel their problems fall away. They love feeling free with us and all of nature. They wear faces of joy, not the false faces they think they must put on in other places. Many humans live such false, unfortunate, unhappy lives, but we love them all. We joyfully continue to model for humans what it is like to live a strong and peaceful life.

For peace and healing, lie on the ground and roll to the left. Then roll to your right. Lie on your back in a comfortable position, and speak to Mother Earth. Hold your hands to the sky, and then lay them flat, stretched out at your sides. Allow some time for Mother Earth to send you energy. It will enter at the base of your backbone and travel up your spine. From there, it will spin and radiate out through your body and fill you with peace unlike you’ve ever experienced. Feel it. Be with it. Allow it to overtake you. Feel the healing take place. With continued practice, you will heal on all levels of your being. You have allowed this. You have not forced yourself to do anything. Please enjoy our peace.

This world is taking off, and it is not going to look back. Its wings are flapping, and it is so ready to fly. We can feel it. We feel you, the humans, are ready to fly and be a power source for each other and to stand in your personal power. You may have noticed us standing in our power. We are stately, and so are you. When you sit with us, you will feel your soul. You will feel lifted up and excited. Everything will become clear. It will all make sense again. You will know why you came here to this life. There will be no more questions, no more doubts. This is what we’ve been saying and modeling all along. Continue on your journey, and be sure to bless your sacred path. Remember us, and speak to us whenever you wish. We are the Family of Spruce.