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Life within the Awakening

Life within the Awakening Artemis through Kenneth Drake

Greetings, blessed ones, in what is sure to be a most exalted time of your existence. We come to you to speak of your identity as a divine soul — to remind you of that which you are and always have been. Many of you have witnessed during the past year the expression of some of the most volatile and calamitous of ideologies. You have witnessed a great transition in human consciousness. You have also witnessed what could only be described as a literal threshold of emotion.

You have seen a world that can only be described as chaotic, and you have seen both the very best and the very worst of yourselves. You witnessed unnecessary violence and the rise of political expressions based in greed and division. Yet you have also witnessed the great rise of understanding and compassion, as you have been inspired to look beyond the apparent madness of the temporal world around you. It is you, the seeker, who truly possesses the power of change that the world now so greatly craves. Regardless of your ideologies, political persuasions, personal dreams, and individual thoughts, the change so needed in the world will not ever come with the rise of a certain political party or with the rise of a certain figurehead. It has always existed in the stillness and the quiet of your soul.

Perhaps as never before, you, as an awakened being, are feeling the full effects of the collective weight on your shoulders, for you now feel the overwhelming stress and burden of the birthing pains of the cosmos — of which you are a vital and integral part. You feel the sense of frustration and an inner agony at times as you begin to ask, “Will the world ever change?” To this, we say that we have seen your pains and your struggles of emotion, and we have stood beside you during the process of this unfoldment.