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Let Source Light Flood the Planet

Let Source Light Flood the Planet Khiiii Khaaaum/Khiii Saaum through Laura Pieratt

Khiii Khaaaum/Khiii Saaum is a collective I channeled a year ago, at least in their Khaaaum aspect. This time, their breathy name was given with alternating ending sounds as if expressing both masculine and feminine aspects. They have described themselves as a collective of lightbearers, and they said, “We are peace keepers. We are unified fields of light. We keep, mold, manage, and restore peace where it has gone awry. It is our principle to regain the balance through forms and light fields in creation flows. We align with truth and light as substances of the matrix of creative energy. It is our purpose to unfold new plans of light in old paradigms so that they cohere and unify around the basic principles of creation. It is our intent to support such unfolding dynamics of light-field potentials for greater unification and harmony as expressions of divine truth.”

It is right and good to feel the love that permeates your consciousness. It is noble to receive love and fill with it to the level that you can inspire others through its blessings of peace and the divinely intelligent responses that flow forth from such peace. To help you fill with the truth that you are love and are always loved, we want you to know that you are never alone and never separate from the Source of All that created you. How could you ever not be one with and a part of the very substance that created you? Bask in that truth and awareness. Let the unity frequencies uplift and restore you. This is our prayer for you.

Allow yourself to once again be the love that is broadcasting to you in infinite waves from the creative Source. Know that as it broadcasts from your galactic core and even beyond that, it is simultaneously pulsing the Source spark within your very being to ignite and reawaken you to the love vibrations of your true essence. The outer and inner Source connections are never separate but can become unsynchronized by your lower-vibrational thoughts and feelings just as a stringed instrument can go out of tune.