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Kindle Your Inner Fire

Kindle Your Inner Fire Red Eagle through Riz Mirza

Hello. I am Red Eagle, and I am a chief and you are a tribe. You all sit around a fire, and that has been happening for a long time. Why? Why do you sit around the fire in every culture? Why, under the stars, do people sit around that which gives light in the darkness? The wolves howl at the Moon, and the people never get tired of looking at the stars or the ocean or that Moon as she appears. You get tired of everything in your life, but you don’t get tired of that. How many more sunsets will you see in your life? How many more moonrises will you see in your life? Will it be enough before you leave this Earth? What is the number? How much more love do you want to feel? Is there a time limit? What is the capacity?

How much of your energy are you subconsciously spending worrying about whether you will ever have enough? When will it be enough? Sometimes it is so beautiful to sit under the stars that you cannot even take it in enough. It is too much for you, and all people want that love from God, to touch that Source Energy, to smell the breeze, to bring it into their lungs, to become it, to forget the body, and to become pure consciousness. That is what people want when they meditate, yet it seems to elude many.

You are here on a path. You are here not only for school but also to kindle the fires within you. Sometimes the fire dims. You have to poke it. You wonder what happened to the love you used to have for doing things. What happened to the excitement you used to feel for a particular job or when you were with a particular person? Where did it go? Winds of change blow. Some fires go out. Some go out with your tears, but embers are still there. What does this represent? You understand my words. There is a feeling behind them for all of you. You all have lost something. Some of it will be lost forever. Some of you will get it back in a new form. On the day that you leave this physical body, you might tell a loved one, “I will always be around you, whether I am in the wind or as the birds or as the fire or as the water. I will be around you.” You will believe this on the day or the moment you are about to leave this physical body.