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How to Become Your Divine Counterpart on Earth

How to Become Your Divine Counterpart on Earth Lady Portia & The Ascended Masters through Star Hinman

The following is the transcript of Lady Portia’s remarks to a group that had been discussing the topic of how we might connect with the divine portions of ourselves, integrate these energies, and balance them with the human aspects of ourselves while we are here on Earth in physical form.

Greetings, my dears! It is our joy to be with you this evening and to review these important concepts you have been hearing. This is what transforms what you might think of as the ordinary human being into his or her divine counterpart — one who is able to have the higher divine knowledge (and the abilities that go along with this higher understanding), as well as match the higher levels of energy in the body.

We will review a few of these points with you and perhaps things that have not yet been said so that you can have the knowledge of what must be done: the steps, the place to which you must bring yourself to incorporate more of the divinity, which is your divine birthright within the human vehicle, this physical housing of the soul. The soul, your divinity (the parts of you that are of the Godhead energies), is irrevocably housed within this human form, this human container, which is able to move about the planet with the knowledge and ability of how to operate in the human realm.