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Free Your Chakras from the Physical Body

Free Your Chakras from the Physical Body The Hathors through Maureen St. Germain

The following channeling took place during the channel’s recent sacred journey to Egypt.

Every step of the way, we have gone ahead of you to pave the way for the future. Your presence in Egypt at this time is no accident. Your presence is well deserved. Many were called, and most responded. Each of you has a unique gift that you bring to this group. More importantly, you are standing in for humanity.

The things that have happened are opportunities for you to change the matrix. Lu Chin’s sprained ankle is a global event. Maureen’s cough is a global event. Maureen is clearing male chauvinism on the planet, which is a huge challenge. At the same time, she is clearing her own judgment on the perceptions she used to carry about certain men close to her who can be this way.

We are working with you to create a new arc and egg of your chakras. [Channel’s Note: The arc refers to an energy that looks like a rainbow. Two are used to create an egg shape around the body instead of the chakras’ traditional placement inside the body.) We wish you to understand that your chakras were never intended to be inside your body. They were put there as a precautionary measure, like a playpen for a child. You are at a place where you need to use your chakras in a new way.