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Finding Your Soul Group or Twin Flame

Finding Your Soul Group or Twin Flame Archangel Raphael through Trisha Michael

Soul groups are comprised of souls who hold similar vibrational textures. In the field of relationships, they can bring in positive or negative reactions to the formula of your destiny together. For example, in the composition of water molecules, the hydrogen loves oxygen. Hydrogen looks for oxygen to create an elixir that is super important to your world. They need to be together, yes? They are soul groups, for their combined essence creates a necessary ingredient to live life.

Like the creation of water, you react with certain people around you to create the nourishment you need to hold and strengthen the vibration of your note of love. You look for that harmonious pattern for nourishment.

Hydrogen is not just attracted to oxygen. It is part of many chemical reactions. You have certain soul groupings known as the noble gases. They come down and hold space, picking and choosing a reaction to move what is valuable in the chain of reactions that allow the all to hold its note. There are many unstable chemical relationships that fizzle quickly because their groupings are not harmonious. It does not truly hold the vibration to nurture your core note.