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The Energy of Our Beliefs

The Energy of Our Beliefs Hugh Campbell

This world of contrast is meant to challenge our beliefs, as it is the energy within our beliefs that create everything around us. Last year’s election has challenged many people to wonder whether it matters who is president.

Those who believe that it is only about the individual are missing their own grandness and ability to affect this country by what they hold in consciousness! It has never mattered what official is in what office. It has only mattered what emotions we hold. Those who believe that all politicians are unsavory will find that the politicians will live up to their expectations.

What we hold in consciousness about anything is what we have a hand in creating. The challenge has always been the same; it’s just the world finds new ways to present the contrast for our growth. When we release the emotions and look at the gift of contrast, we see into ourselves and find the energetic belief that resonates with the external contrast. When we release that energetic belief, the contrast will no longer find us, as there is no longer anything there to be reflected back to us.