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Empower the Full Expression of Change

Empower the Full Expression of Change Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

Energies for March 2017 truly come in like a lion, as the Tefnut Cat Beings share innovative visions of expansion, change, and new directions throughout the whole world. These visions are empowered through the heart’s love and compassion if they are to come to fruition for the highest good of all.

Emotions will run high as the ancient beliefs and teachings from the Age of Pisces come to a close. Clarity will emerge regarding the lessons learned and the challenges accepted and mastered. The depth of deceit, dishonor, and limitation placed via religion and politics will be recognized, and the desire to control the masses will become obvious even to the most devout. As the old belief structures crumble, alternative ways for transforming emotion and ideological, political, or religious conflict will emerge. Differences will come forth as yin and yang unite within people, building bridges.

The human kingdom as a whole will embark on alternative directions and will change in ways to deal with differences in opinion and in perceptions of reality. As the former visions of distrust dissolve, the wisdom of way-showers will blossom, bringing a plethora of viable perfected visions that enhance life on Earth for all beings as well as the planet itself.