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Eclipses Usher Major Changes

Eclipses Usher Major Changes Michelle Karen

Venus turns retrograde on March 4 between 13°09’ and 1°18’ Aries until April 15. Its shadow period remains until May 18. This is a good time to reevaluate all our relationships. People reveal their true colors. We might have to reexamine the way we express love and affection, who we are attracted to and why, and the general health of a romantic relationship. People from the past could reemerge, giving us a chance to resolve relationships that might not have ended well or to clear misunderstandings.

Finances also come to the forefront. How much do we value money? How do we make money? Do we use money constructively, or do we squander our material resources in aimless pursuits? Do we apply the rule of saving 10 percent of our earnings and giving 10 percent to charity, thus leaving space for more abundance to come our way? A former moneymaking opportunity could be reactualized. Money owed to us could be repaid.

Our relationship to beauty is also likely to come into focus. Do we love ourselves enough to embrace our physical appearance as it is, or are we plagued by inner insecurities enticing us to feel we should change the way we look? March is a great time for small improvements, but drastic makeovers are not advised, as we might come to regret the results later on.