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Don’t Resist the Current of Life

Don’t Resist the Current of Life Donna Taylor

It’s as though there are two separate realities running concurrently in March. Quantum physics tells us that there are myriad realities operating simultaneously. Potentiality holds all possibilities, and this is similar to what we will experience this month in the sense that we can choose the stressful reality or the easy reality. We can choose to inhabit hard times or soft times.

Mars and Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto and opposing Jupiter represent hard times. February in particular experienced these energies at their maximum. Although things are calming down, the T-square is still in operation, which could (should we choose the hard-times reality) result in much tension, irritation, frustration, impatience, intolerance, and excessive behavior. We’ll know when we’ve stepped into this reality because we’ll feel as if we don’t have enough time, we have too much to do, we find ourselves rushing or overreacting with people (perhaps regretting our words or actions), or others are the source of our problems. We have to force, push, or struggle to get what we want.

By contrast, the soft reality will be a pleasure to live in. If we choose this reality, we might need to drop a few things from our to-do lists. In fact, maybe we should scrub the to-do list altogether since the constant reminder of our responsibilities creates stress. The soft-time reality should suggest nothing needs doing other than what feels right in the moment. The soft-time reality invites us to end the struggle and just go with the flow. This reality is reflected by the Sun, Neptune, Mercury, and Chiron all in Pisces. It is the Sun’s conjunction with Neptune in Pisces in particular that suggests the need to let go of that which doesn’t work and to stop trying to force matters. Instead, we should trust our inner impressions, listening for the soul’s whispers or the Divine’s words to help us get where we need to be.