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Clear Old Blocks with Disentanglement

Clear Old Blocks with Disentanglement Robert Shapiro

There is a process called disentanglement that you can use to relieve you of a great deal of tension and old stuff. It is a wondrous process, and it’s very specific to you. Only you need to know what you are doing with disentanglement. It will take time, but you can pursue the matter yourself. However, disentanglement is not something that you have to slog through on your own. Gold lightbeings and lightbeings, also known as angels, will help you through this process, and they’ll do most of the hard work. But you will have to think and check yourself to see how you feel.

I recommend that you do the disentanglement process no more than once a day. It is always best that you are not touching another being while doing this. I recommend in most cases that you not even be touching a dog or a cat, in case they happen to be sleeping on your bed. However, some cats or some dogs might be very spiritual. You might know this about them. If that’s true and you begin the process and they remain in contact with you, then it may be all right. It depends on you and the individual dog or cat. On the other hand, if they know it’s not right for them, they will probably move slightly or even off the bed. This will be all right.

Lie on a flat surface on your back with your hands by your sides and your palms down and slightly away from your body. Do this at least three hours after eating and before you go to sleep, but it works anywhere, anytime. Do not cross your legs or feet. This position allows you to be open and receptive. If necessary, this can be done sitting up. First, say the following as an invitation to the specific beings who are right for you in that moment to be present. Say out loud or whisper if necessary, “I am asking that all the most benevolent energies that are available for me now be all around me and all about me now.”