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Choose to Expand Your Heart

Choose to Expand Your Heart Archangel Zadkiel through Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

All that will be and all that is have now come forward — glorious connection indeed! We offer this sharing today because as you move forward in the glorious recognition of the expanding consciousness from the many worlds that are present, you have arrived at the time of great understanding. This time of great understanding of the glorious connection that has come forth for you, with you, and through you carries with it the opportunity to expand evermore.

Look within your heart centers, as so many have said, “I will open my heart temporarily,” “I will open my heart in a minute,” “I will open my heart for a weekend,” or “I will open my heart soon; let me do this first.” We invite you to reflect, as the essence of the open heart is not discovered within linear time. The time of the open heart is consistently and gloriously open!

Does the open heart question the truth of your divine presence? Beloved ones, within the glorious recognition of the understanding of the expansion of the heart, which is anchored in the truth of the divine treasure of your wisdom, lies the great expansion of all energy. This treasure is yours to remember, reconnect, and rebuild.