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The Changing Times Ahead

The Changing Times Ahead Lynn Buess

March provides clues about the economic direction and condition that is to come (or is already here and unspoken). Bitcoin takes a big leap in global acceptance and potential value. The U.S. dollar is due for a further noticeable decline. Expect bank crashes and takeovers.

Our new president’s actions will help define more clearly what his policies will be and who he serves. Don’t expect everyone to be pleased despite his pledge to represent every American. Best known for his flamboyant ways, he may actually demonstrate some occasional finesse as he becomes more accustomed to the role. His transition remains tense in places, and the polarization of the election still lingers in some areas.

Matters in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel are going to have a large impact on the entire global economic and political landscape. The breakdown of the European community could shed light on possible developing trends in the United States.