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Breathe In Creator’s Breath of Unity

Breathe In Creator’s Breath of Unity Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, varied truths exist in your human experience. Indeed, varied truths exist across all creation. “How is this so?” you might ask. The answer is quite simple: The Creator, in Its divine wisdom, desired to explore parts of Itself via splitting into different aspects of consciousness. In doing so, It determined that allowing experience within the limits of free will would bring about the greatest good and growth.

Now, the concept of confines of consciousness and the human idea of free will seem to contradict each other, do they not? How can free will be limited? Humans tend to see free will as the ability to make choices without boundaries. In a sense, this is true, as many divergent and often opposing truths play out in your world. Yet there exists a limit in which these various truths exist and jostle against each other.

You All Are Equally Blessed

Many of the truths playing out on Earth strengthen the illusion that you are separate from, and therefore less than, the divine love of Source. The greater truth is that because of the many human truths you embrace as your reality, you do not believe you are worthy of aligning with the ultimate benevolence of the Creator, which blesses every breath of your life without condition. The illusion is that in the human form, you are imperfect, but you are not. You are, as a human entity, a perfect expression of the Creator’s love, and you contain within your being the Creator’s desire to explore and to understand Itself better.