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Be the Master of Your Life

Be the Master of Your Life Jesus through Virginia Ellen

Virginia: Our understanding of love from the ego and the third dimension is limited and based on the need to be loved, liked, and accepted and to do it right. In this dimension, love is given to get something in return even if it is safety; however, we are unaware of the hidden motives of our love, and we all want to be loving.

Jesus: Fourth-dimensional love is a place of deep healing, as you come out of denial and into forgiveness of self and healing the self. The unconscious becomes conscious to be resurrected and healed and to become your deeper self-awareness and self-realization. Here there is movement into a greater truth. It is time to see why you need love and why you love. What are you doing, and why? The question why is very powerful, for it brings answers from the ego mind.

The fifth-dimension is love of the self. In this realm, there is no judgment, blame, getting even, condemnation, or punishment. Communication and connection are a steady flow of love and appreciation. There is no withholding of love or communication in the fifth dimension. There is no fear.