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Ask Erik: Choose to Be in the Now

Ask Erik: Choose to Be in the Now Elisa Medhus

I’m not very good at expressing myself, and I am not even sure I know exactly what I want to ask. Maybe I am suffering from postpartum depression or just depression, or maybe it’s neither of those. I don’t know how I feel. I just know I should feel different from this. I might be just a bit lost, and I would so appreciate some direction from Erik. Anything, please. I want to change. I want to understand why. I just don’t know where to start.

— Christina

From Erik: Christina, thank you for opening your heart to me for guidance. I first want to direct you into your heart, into the space that you feel uncomfortable. Listen to it without trying to fix it. Learn from it by understanding your feelings. Remember, your emotions can be deeply subconscious, but as soon as you take responsibility for the feelings you embody, you can realize that only you have the power to change how you feel, and you do it by the way you think.

Christina, you continually give your power away by convincing yourself, through illusions of the ego, that you don’t know how or what to change. You look at others and long for their happiness. Through that longing, you give your personal power away. It’s simple. It’s a choice, but only you can make it. Bring in new awareness, and listen to the heart through your heart. Also, ground yourself through the root chakra. Check out different ways to do that by searching iTunes or YouTube.