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Akashic Answers: Share Your Spiritual Knowledge

Akashic Answers: Share Your Spiritual Knowledge Amanda Romania

With all the changes in the world today, I felt really unsettled and anxious in 2016. Last year, I released many old relationships and even changed jobs. I am wondering what can be seen in my records for 2017. I finally feel that my home, my relationships, and my money are organized, and yes, life is good. I finally feel as if I am in a place where I want to pursue a deeper connection with my spiritual life, but I am a little daunted by what that might entail.

— Joni in California

From Amanda: Yes, 2016 was turbulent, and now 2017, which is a 1 year in numerology, is a fresh-start year. I see you are also a number 1 in your destiny cycle, which means last year you needed to clear certain things before the universe started to activate this for you.

Having a spiritual life does not mean controlling your behavior, such as meditating all day or eating a certain way. It is a level of consciousness and a feeling within your heart and soul. Spiritual teachings will fill the void you feel and provide a bridge to an entirely new way of thinking.