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World Prayer Web: Celebrate Gratitude

World Prayer Web: Celebrate Gratitude Maria Yracébûrû

How do we do this? There have been so many dreams that have come! Is it not time to celebrate those who have manifested and reaffirm our prophetic nature? This is the plausible key. The more we celebrate in gratitude what is, the more there shall be and the stronger we become in our cocreative


We reach our souls and greater awareness, discovering joy, shima kelei (Aunty Hawk). We appreciate who we are.

naki’n dahdanldoh nakia: Two continue as one (Rainbow Serpent). Many realities exist; we allow others to reach out and stretch. As we expand, one by one, we create the peace-filled future.

éí báhyúgo zhá nandehí’n hada’didla: For it belongs to you (Thunder Beings). The path of life, joined in community sharing, focusing love magnifies.

yo idee’é eo’to’to: Rattle (Grandmother Bear)! We transcend power struggles. We joyfully connect. We are on the path of the united Heart Fire. We pass this on.