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What Happened during the Crucifixion and Afterward

What Happened during the Crucifixion and Afterward Mary Magdalene through Mercedes Kirkel

I was wondering if you could talk about the resurrection and where you guys went afterward.

Yes. I have been careful in speaking about this because there are many varying beliefs. Oftentimes these beliefs are helpful to people, in some form or another, until they are ready to move on and let go of that belief for something greater.

It is important to understand that Yeshua and myself (but especially Yeshua at his time of incarnating 2,000 years ago) were working on many, many levels with many, many beings — not only human beings, but also many other beings. He worked in many different ways to try to support so many and to find the way that would be most helpful for them.

At that time, and even continuing until today, there were many who understood things in very physical, three-dimensional ways. There were many beliefs about how God would show him- or herself to human beings. For many, these beliefs included the idea that there would be a death and a resurrection. So this was part of what we decided would be very helpful for many beings in supporting them in their connection to God in a way that they could access, be open to, and be supported by.