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Tolerance of Diversity

Tolerance of Diversity Almine

There are many areas of conflict worldwide. How can we as individual people bring tolerance for diversity to the world?

That is a masterful question that recognizes the power of the individual to change the world by changing him- or herself. The most important step in changing your environment is to ask, “What do I need to change about myself?”

Why are we intolerant of the conduct and diversity of others?

There are multiple reasons. First, when we aren’t living our inner subpersonalities, our inner tribe isn’t supporting us in that it is disrupted in its function. We then seek a tribe by wanting to surround ourselves with others who mirror uniformity and sameness. We reject the diversity of others.

This seems as if it’s at the root of our intolerance.

Yes, tolerance can’t be taught when we are intolerant of our own subpersonalities and refuse their expression. Unless this is dealt with from within, even the removal of media programs of intolerance, such as racial stereotyping, will only move our intolerance to more subtle forms, as in intolerance of the ideas of others. In the case of lightworkers, there is intolerance for those of less consciousness and awareness in that we try to save them or fix them.