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The Searchlight of the Soul

The Searchlight of the Soul Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, the searchlight of the soul flows in two directions: inward for illumination of the physical heart and mind and outward to en-light-en the upward spiraling path of humanity’s release from the dense reality of the third and fourth dimensions.

A soul-infused personality automatically
develops a burning desire to share their en-lighten-ed higher truths with others. The lighted way is the bridge between the human material world and the realms of Spirit. A disciplined intelligence is required to clearly decipher and relay the wisdom teachings and to proficiently and accurately transmit the higher universal concepts. Disciplined, self-directed life tendencies must be developed to manifest intense mental clarity, along with an integrated personality that is dedicated and directed by the oversoul/higher self.

The soul is neither spirit nor matter. It consists of manifested white-fire seed atoms sent forth from the divine mind of our Father God into the spirit cosmic womb of our beloved Mother God, who then sends forth, via the breath of her loving holy spirit, all forms of cosmic matter. The awakening of self from an unconscious state of being is one of the most dramatic steps in the evolutionary process of humankind. To become self-conscious, you must become aware of what is happening in your personal world. You must sharpen your thinking process and learn to live in the moment, or the still point of the now, as it is often called. To gain experience and wisdom, you must think about what you want to remember, what you wish to retain in your memory bank.