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Return to Unity

Return to Unity Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I am Gaia, and I come to you as the energy of a great collective, for indeed that is what the energy of unity entails, does it not? Many, many entities, life forms, and degrees of consciousness come together in the cause of furthering the common good for all beings.

As human beings, you tend to look at your experiences on Earth from an egocentric stance. Years of religious ideas and a general movement away from the truths that once were evident have created a rift in your basic and essential understanding that all beings on Earth and in the cosmos are one heart and one mind.

“How is this so?” you might ask. With so much divisiveness and contention in this world, how can we possibly ever be one? Yes, there are many who scoff at this idea, but they believe a fallacy. The heart of the Creator allows for different expressions. In your world of duality, dear ones, you have come to see those who disagree with you as your enemy. They are not. They are your cosmic brothers and sisters.