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Purify Your Path to Enlightenment

Purify Your Path to Enlightenment Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. We always begin with these words. The words themselves are information. The information of “as above, so below” coincides with the concept of reincarnation, a returning to a planet. When using the term “reincarnation,” what we mean is the process of becoming part of the physical world, fulfilling your time, and then moving beyond the physical world. Your energy returns to a level, a realm, slightly higher than the gravity well that you are engaged in while you are on the planet. This is not a completely unique system; it happens in other places in the galaxy and universe as well. It is intensified around planet Earth because we are working with an energy system, trying to purify and clarify some energy.

Purification of the Planet

In your physical lives, you are an aspect of karmic energy that is moving through a filter, and little by little, impurities, things that are imbalanced, are removed from you. Yet the world is not balanced. Society is not balanced. So you also pick things up. The quest for balance is perpetual. It is what you do with those unbalanced thoughts, imbalanced feelings, and imbalanced situations that helps to purify the energy.

Now, an imbalanced situation that you encounter might be very small. It may be a single issue with another human being, or it could be something quick in passing. For example, someone physically gets in your way when you’re in a social environment or running an errand. It may only take seconds for that person to be in and out of your way. How do you deal with that? It is the balancing that you do at that moment — the releasing, the letting go, the allowing for someone else’s flow. Spiritually minded beings allow for flow of energy. You can start to see how small things can become large things because some people cannot let those things go. They feel those things. They bind themselves to those things. They carry those things and say, “That person got in my way!” By behaving in this way, they repeatedly stop their own flow based on events that might be minor or relatively insignificant. Who knows what that other person was doing or where they were going?