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The Process of the Invisible Becoming Visible through You

The Process of the Invisible Becoming Visible through You The Influence of Jehovah through Arthur Fanning

This is the process ones are in, accepting the fact and the condition of the invisible becoming visible through you, through each individual. The invisible purity of yourselves is coming up and through — or willing to. The difficulty occurs in your world, as you say, in the jurisdiction of the body. Your body — your body, your rules — your acceptance, and arrogance, in a way, in your becoming, you did not born yourself. You came from a seed. “Seed” is a manifested term for thought manifested. That’s a seed. Thought manifested is a seed, the seed itself. The seed begins to grow. That’s what seeds do. That’s the purpose of a seed, the result of the manifestation of the thought.

Not all seeds grow appropriately or within the fulfillment of the thought. Some are sterile. Some just are not watered or taken care of, and they become deceased or cease to be seeds. It all comes from the thought, your thought and your father, the seed of you. That’s what happened. How the thought got there, however, is the other process.

Who instilled that thought into the father to plant a seed? Was it enticement from the mother? Was it (how you say?) a request? Was it a desire on the part of your unformed self in the physical manifestation before your birth influencing the seed process within your father? The difficult process is accepting the part you took in it.