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The Principles of Planetary and Personal Holographic Healing

The Principles of Planetary and Personal Holographic Healing Helio-ah and the Arcturians through David K. Miller

I want to talk to you about holographic energy and the principles of holographic healing. You have to understand our perspective and that the principles of holographic energy occur in both a positive and negative environment. I know you all love to hear about positive planetary holographic healing.

You’re experiencing worldwide terrorism and war. I want to address the terrorism from the perspective of holographic energy. The main principle of holographic energy is that a part can affect the whole, or a part is a representative of the whole. If you affect an energy field from one part, that energy field can affect the whole. The typical example is holographic photography in which you take a slice of something, such as an apple, and from that slice, a holographic picture of the full apple can be attained. As another example, somebody with the proper technology could take one skin cell from someone and actually clone and reproduce an exact duplicate of that person. You don’t have this technology at this point, but these are examples of holographic energy.

The Importance of Permeability

If you introduce one pathogenic mutation into a human system, that system would require an immunity to the mutation to stop it. If there was no immunity, that one cell, if it were powerful enough, could overwhelm and take over the whole system of the human body, permeating it. Now, I want you to take note of the word “permeate” because it is important in the discussion of holographic energy. When I say things permeate something, I mean that they can go through many different systems.